Bivit nourishes your yield

Bivit aims to bring out the entrepreneur – the feed manufacturer and livestock farmer – in you, and to encourage and support you through results-oriented nutritional advice. Our scientific expertise in the world of premixes and nutritional supplements forms the basis for the sustainability and success of your company management.

The result is healthier livestock and increased yields, because for the livestock farmer of today, achieving results with complete transparency and the required guarantees is more important than ever. Concentrate feeds are essential to both animal health and the modern livestock farming operation, while the perfect concentrate feed will also see a drastic decrease in veterinary expenses. Thanks to Bivit you can lay the foundations for a long-term increase in yields. You’ll feel the results.

Premixes make up only 2% of the volume, but are responsible for over 90% of the result!

We start with smart sustainability

Here at Bivit the integrity of the animal comes first, and in our holistic vision the emphasis is always on the connection between feed, health and livestock performance. After all, ‘you are what you eat’.  Our premixes have an immunostimulant effect in order to increase natural resistance in your livestock. This means that we restore the natural balance of your animals and markedly reduce the need for drugs. Growth stimulants and hormones are always taboo at Bivit. Meanwhile we only use organic trace elements for our mineral mixes, which not only means that over-fertilisation is less of a problem, but that our premixes have a longer shelf life too. Yet another feather in our cap is the fact that Bivit led the way in using algae as a sustainable alternative source for DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that has been much in the news as a result of overfishing.

Together we will create the very best quality

Cooperation and partnerships are essential to Bivit – with researchers, the animal feed industry, suppliers and, in particular, with you the enterprising farmer. Furthermore, you buy direct from the manufacturer, creating a bond of confidence. Our new plant in Gullegem satisfies the strictest quality, safety and hygiene standards. The semi-automated production process cuts the risk of human error and guarantees the greatest possible efficiency.

Facts & figures

  • 1989: Bivit was founded
  • 2011: new plant in Gullegem opened
  • Bivit has a presence in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Hungary
  • We manufacture 1,000 tons of premixes per month
  • A workforce of 20